Javacia Harris Bowser
I am an award-winning freelance journalist and essayist and the founder of See Jane Write, a website, and community for women who write. I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in January of 2020. Just as I used writing to cope with my cancer diagnosis, I now empower other survivors and thrivers to do the same through my blog, social media, and workshops. My mission to elevate the voices of all women is what keeps me going in spite of life's challenges.
Megan Dean
I am the founder and designer behind The Moody Rabbit. The Moody Rabbit is an American luxury brand established in 2017 and after a two-year hiatus is relaunching with a Spring/Summer 2022 Capsule entirely sourced from certified biodegradable plant based fibers, produced in both Alabama and Arizona.
I grew up surrounded by strong women, businessmen, and artists within my family. Being in an environment that encouraged me to think outside the box, create, care for nature, and dream big set the tone for the rest of my life. My journey into the fashion world my started with grandmother teaching me to sew (who is also a breast cancer survivor). I made my first dress with her help when I was 14 years old. After high school I went on to study apparel and textile design at University of Alabama and then transferred to Auburn and changed my major to business with a concentration in entrepreneurship. Before graduating I moved back to my hometown of Dothan, Alabama, and worked towards opening a local luxury textile and sewing shop in 2012. During this time I did many custom projects both fashion and interior. I dove into the world of hand-dying textiles on the family farm alongside my mother who opened my world up to plant-based textiles. I immersed myself into fashion design and never looked back. I began selling my first pants design in small trunkshows and at the West Indies Market in Rosemary Beach, Florida. In 2015, I designed and showed a small collection as a top 10 emerging designer in South Walton Fashion Week 2015. In 2016, I was selected as one of the top 10 emerging designers in New Orleans Fashion Week 2016 where I presented yet another collection.
After New Orleans, the next step for me made sense to move to a bigger city and figure it out.  I chose Birmingham because I wanted to remain close to the family farm where I will one day in the near future begin the next part of my fashion journey-regenerative fashion. I also chose Birmingham because I believe there is real opportunity here to thrive in my respective industry.  I moved into a studio space in Birmingham where I launched The Moody Rabbit in 2017. After nearly two years of hustle I decided to get more experience under my belt to really learn how to operate a successful fashion label. I relocated to Hartford, Connecticut, and worked as a handbag and jewelry designer for Joy Accessories, an American handbag and jewelry brand. The experience working for this brand remains invaluable. Covid brought me back to Birmingham in the summer of 2020- a little sooner than I anticipated. Over the last several months I have reconnected with my manufacturers and pattern makers for The Moody Rabbit and proud to be relaunching with a playful yet elegant feminine capsule for Spring/summer 2022.
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