Caroline Braswell is 33 years old and grew up in Homewood. She's lived in other cities (Chicago and Atlanta) but moved back home in January 2022 following her cancer diagnosis. "I am a mother to my amazing daughter Elliott, who’s a little over two and half, and a wife to my supportive and hard-working husband, Troy," said Caroline. She works in social media marketing and co-owns a Christmas light business with her husband. Outside of work, Caroline loves spending time outside with her family, traveling and staying active. Cooking and baking is her love language and will find any excuse to do so for friends or family! She is passionate about our planet and all creatures and people who inhabit it. She is also extremely passionate about all things Auburn. "War Eagle!" says Caroline.
"I am blessed beyond words and thank God daily for my beautiful life, family, friends and that I am a breast cancer survivor!" she says.

Megan Dean is the founder and creative director of Danielle Dean the label. Danielle Dean is a small but mighty Birmingham-based fashion house rooted in sustainability and inspired by Megan’s interests in nature, art, psychology and Southern coastal upbringing. Using an intuitive approach to design, the collections are defined by Megan’s choice of unique hemp blend fabrics and signature juxtaposing design with an emphasis on tailoring and some eclectic use of vintage embellishments. Her covetable designs are beautifully
crafted both in-house and in her Arizona manufacturer. 

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