Kristi Denny
I started in breast imaging 25-ish years ago, not necessarily by choice but more because it fell into my lap. All these years later, God has grown my knowledge and given me a passion for breast patients that fills my heart with purpose and joy. Eventually, that led me to Breast Navigation where I grew and learned the most about myself as a provider and as a person. Educating patients, helping guide their care and decisions, loving on them and their families and just being a soft place to land when they needed an ear became more than a job became a calling and ministry of sorts for me, which I will forever believe prepared me for my own journey.  
When I was diagnosed with my own breast cancer, I realized how valuable that would be to my future patients as I walked alongside them in their journey. I have always looked at my life, my career, even my own struggles as something to share with others who might need to learn from what I walk through. Knowing that you can change someone’s path through cancer by sharing yourself with them and making sure they know they are not alone is the single most rewarding thing I could do as a cancer survivor and as a provider in their cancer journey. My patients have truly been an inspiration for me in my own story and I call many my friends today. I am so thankful for what I get to do in life and for how my story can affect others.  
Deloveis Jamison
Deloveis Jamison is the designer and creative director of Bleu and Company, a fashion brand that values the art of expression, style, and our environment. I am also a marketing fanatic and sneaker enthusiast.
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