Born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, Fabiola Valencia has lived in the United States for 34 years. Fabiola is a loving wife and mother of two sons, one daughter and two fur babies. Fabiola enjoys spending time with family and loved ones, baking in her spare time, and attending concerts with her daughter. Fabiola was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2022, and has undergone two surgeries, four months of chemotherapy, and 33 rounds of radiation therapy. During treatment Fabiola maintained a positive mindset, sought strength from friends and family, and the continued strengthening of her faith. Fabiola was very grateful to have found solidarity and inspiration through the women in the Forge organization. She is grateful for the medical teams, family and friends who have supported her through her journey.

Ericka Louise Murdock is a modern messenger for the culture. It all started when Ericka’s or “E. Louise” passion for fashion was fully ignited after being charged by family and friends to style and design custom pieces for their wardrobe. As a result, her blog “ShapElyLouise," was born and a community that embraced and empowered women with curves all over the world was forged. The quadruple threat: writer, stylist, designer and body positive advocate, is a passionate artisan who strives to evoke emotions and inspire people through her artistic mediums. The unapologetic, self-proclaimed “stylist with designer tendencies," is widely regarded for her signature aesthetic and fresh point of view, continuing to boldly redefine vintage, yet modern style and merging comfort, functionality, and fashion. A native of Montgomery, Ericka has been dressing clients who turn to her for showstopping, magnificent creations for over 10 years. An encourager at heart, Ericka’s unique experiences have helped to mold her into the radical, forward-thinking creative and social advocate she is today. To her, every day — every minute, is an opportunity to teach women how to celebrate their bodies, regardless of size, and to live a life that’s fused with color, culture and confidence without compromise.

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