Dianne Riley
I was diagnosed in May 2016 with stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I am also BRAC1+. I had chemo, radiation, and too many procedures to list, plus a pulmonary embolism and hospitalization for severe mouth sores. It took over 4 years for me to complete my treatment!
This year marks my 5-year cancerversary and "feeling like I can function again". Because I spoke the language of healthcare, I was able to advocate for myself but I know that so many others can’t. I discovered being sick and trying to go through the process was difficult, even though I knew the medical world, because it was so different being the patient.
I became active in the breast cancer community to advocate for my "Pink Sisters" because I know there are so many who don’t understand what happens during and after treatment. Cancer changes everything and doesn’t end after chemo and other treatments as their effects go on and on. Survivorship is key for us. I am the volunteer Regional Coordinator of Casting for Recovery-Southeast (AL, MS, LA) where we teach women who have had breast cancer how to fly fish out in nature in peaceful water settings. The annual retreats are FREE and all ages and years of breast cancer are welcome!
Nate Marquez
Nathan Alexander Marquez is a Latin-American designer and stylist whose focus is on a blend of contemporary and functional design. Nate is inspired by travel, artistic collaboration, and cultural diffusion, bringing you cultivated style with a new perspective.
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