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Deidra Sanderson's breast cancer journey began in 2016 when she felt a small lump about the size of a grain of rice in her left breast. After a biopsy a few months later, she was misdiagnosed as negative for cancer. This small lump grew rapidly over the following months. After another biopsiy, Deidra was diagnosed at the age of 43 with grade three, triple negative infilitrating ductal and lobular carcinoma on Oct. 27, 2017, about a year after she discovered her lump. Deidra underwent chemotherapy, a lumpectomy, 30 rounds of radiation and two hospitalizations. "Every stage had its own challenges," she says. "But I made a point to celebrate the end of each one." She was surrounded by friends and family when she rang the bells after chemo and radiation. After surgery, she traveled to New York to attend the Cancer and Careers conference and to visit friends. "Celebrating those milestones gave me a sense of accomplishment and the support from those cheering me on game me the momentum to continue on to the next phase of treatment," says Deidra. She now tells her story to anyone who will listen to encourage them and is always eager to offer advice to others going through cancer about what worked for her. A snippet of her advice:  "You will get through this by taking one day at a time! Listen to your body and don’t push to do too much too soon - rest, laughter, hugs and snuggles with my dog were all must-haves."

Rachel Reilly Villegas is an American television personality, talk show host, producer, actress, and reality show participant. Reilly appeared in two seasons of the U.S. edition of the reality TV series Big Brother, winning season 13 in 2011. She has also participated in three seasons of The Amazing Race, two of those seasons with her husband Brendon Villegas where they placed third on both occasions. She participated in a third season with her sister Elissa Slater, placing seventh. Rachel has participated in Celebrity Fear Factor winning $50,000 for her and husband Brendon's charity partner Lung Cancer research at UCLA. Rachel has also won Snake in the Grass on USA network. She is known as a competition beast. 

Rachel has always had a love for fashion, with a very unique style that has lead her to creating her own pieces while in college. She recently was a featured as an up and coming designer in Birmingham's Magic City Fashion Week. 
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