Kerry Schrader
My name is Kerry Schrader. I have many coveted titles that define me: Mom, daughter, wife, sister, friend, business professional, entrepreneur, CEO and SURTHRIVOR! I certainly couldn't continue to fulfill the former(s) without the latter. 
Nearly 6 years ago a routine mammogram changed my life (and my focus to obtain the title of SURTHRIVOR). I had no lumps, bumps or drainage.  I had no previous family history and I was (am) full-bodied (that's a sign of health, right?); so I'm sure you imagined my initial shock when I heard the "C" word. Yes, October 3, 2015, changed my life and placed the goal of reaching "SURTHRIVOR" status on my radar. I officially reached that goal December 24, 2020 when I took my last dose of Letrozole! Now, because I am a SURTHRIVOR,  I have the opportunity to live out my other titles! 
My inspiration during my cancer journey was and continues to be: Maintaining focus on my faith, family, friends and focus on my new (at that time) new business, Mixtroz, that we had just raised funding from friends and family to get it off the ground.  Staying focused on these 4 things kept me from over-indulging in self-pity and provided the motivation I needed to understand that that "C" was not meant to be my permanent label! I continue to focus on these 4 things with the addition of advocacy for early detection and being a living example of SURTHRIVORSHIP! 
Tiffanie Williamson, Cheri Fashion
Tiffanie Williamson is a fashion designer from Birmingham, AL. She has been working in the fashion industry for eight years. She has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Alabama majoring in Apparel/Textiles. She has done fashion shows in Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, and New York. She is pursuing her Master's Degree in the Business of Fashion from LIM College. She has her own custom apparel company which she started in 2013 and is currently partnering with several design companies to do freelance projects. Her style is refreshing, trending and inviting. Her future plans are to become a professor teaching fashion. 
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