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Lora Sergen is a Tennessee-native who moved to Alabama in 2020 with her husband and two children. Lora was first diagnosed with Stage 3C Triple Negative breast cancer in September of 2020 while being quarantined with COVID. After completing treatment, her cancer returned in December 2021 and Lora learned this time it was metastatic. "I am blessed with supportive family and friends who help me remain hopeful I will be able to continue to thrive despite this horrible disease," says Lora. "I know the Lord is using my testimony to show other women they can do the same. Never lose hope and always be your own best advocate."

Julie Maeseele, mom of three and born and raised in Belgium, explores the "labour of love" within a garment. Her fashion brand, which bears her name, is a progressive and ethical fashion label that proudly creates made-to-order apparel featuring recylced materials and surplus textiles. She graduated from St. Lukas Art Academy in Ghent, Belgium, as a textile designer and worked for organizations as an independent and non-profit designer creating modern rugs, shoes and textile installations. In 2014, Julie and her family relocated to the Unted States and in 2016 she won the Emerging Designer Competition at Birmingham Fashion Week. Every JM garment is hand-cut and machine-sewn using single-needle fine tailoring and made in Alabama. Julie mixes old and new techniques with a contemporary attitude. 
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