SaDawn Smith
Hello, my name is SaDawn Smith and I am a 7 1/2 year breast cancer survivor and advocate.  I was diagnosed when my daughter was 2 years old. Being a first-time mother and battling cancer was a challenge that completely changed my life. I had chemotherapy, radiation, a double mastectomy, and developed lymphedema. It was during this time that I had discovered my own strength and acknowledged where my strength came from. I knew I had to find resources that could help my daughter and me cope with life. I became my own advocate joining various groups and it was through this process that I was introduced to Forge and took advantage of the counseling they had for patients and their families. Currently, I am an advocate for breast cancer and lymphedema patients. I have found a bond of pink sisters and brothers that is truly unique and always ready to help others.  
Daniel Grier
Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, I am the founder and designer of Splashed by DKG, a bold, luxury streetwear brand known for its statement prints and custom designs. I also serve as co-founder and creative director of Magic City Fashion Week, an organization I launched to showcase the Magic City and its artists and makers that oftentimes go overlooked. I am also the proud father of an amazing twelve-year-old son named Aedan.
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