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Nataly Swann says receiving her breast cancer diagnosis in May 2019 was devastating for her, her husband, family and friends. Still scared to even utter the word "cancer," Nataly had surgery two weeks after her diagnosis and started chemo six weeks later. In November of that same year, doctors performed her reconstruction surgery. "I thought it was the longest year in my life," says Nataly. Recovering from breast cancer was hard and emotional for Nataly. "You are not fighting any longer, but you are not the same person as before you got sick," she says. But along the way, new friends came into her life. And that makes Nataly "very happy and hopeful."

Designer Tiffanie Williamson founded custom apparel company Cheri Fashion in 2013. But Tiffanie's passion for fashion began long before that, falling in love with fashion brand Valentino as she watched a runway show on ModelTV. Tiffanie has designed evening wear, casual wear, performs alterations and has expanded her craft to home textile design. She has been featured in several fashion shows locally and nationally, and has taught fashion. Her goal is to one day share her love of fashion on a syndicated TV show.

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